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A vigilante with an elastic body is determined to avenge a mafia hit on her family until she meets a reporter who entices her to fight against an emerging super-evil.


TERRY CONRAD, 25, curiously pursues a masked vigilante known as BIRD GIRL, 22, through the streets of Brooklyn, earnestly hoping for an exclusive interview which should further his career as a bona fide reporter. Unfortunately, his plan completely backfires, which then forces the dagger-wielding vixen to rescue Terry instead of continuing her personal vendetta against the Russian mafia named Odessa. He finally gets the interview along with a demonstration of her mysterious powers: skin and bones that are elastic and malleable much like Play-Doh. An exhilarated Terry insists that she assumes the name RAVEN to bolster her public appeal for his upcoming newspaper article.
DARYA SIDOROV, 28, is a ruthless Odessa assassin in possession of a cold-war, biological weapon called Novichok. However, Raven's poisoned daggers have crippled Darya's brother for whom she now hunts for a cure, consequently, if her brother dies so does her chance of selling the weapon to the highest bidder. Meanwhile, Terry continues to insist Raven drop the vigilante image for a traditional superhero one, moreover, he falls in love with her for what he believes she should represent. The moment Raven reads the pretentious news article, she becomes infuriated with Terry and vows never to see him again. Luckily for Darya, there's a clue within the cover story that reveals Raven's location.
During the day, Raven transforms into a vulnerable person with zero knowledge of her abilities, thus shrouded within the perfect superhero cover. Later that night, the sardonic gymnast secretly follows Terry to a warehouse only to discover it's an Odessa trap where Russian Gangsters overwhelm her with tasers and cattle prods. Darya thereafter arrives to conduct a brutal interrogation. Through physical torture, she forces our hero to reluctantly reveal the exact strain of poison used and then immediately leaves to save her brother. Elsewhere, rival street gangs learn of the biological weapon and aspire to steal it by inciting a large scale riot which decimates the streets of Brooklyn.
Terry heroically obliterates the evil henchmen with a grenade, thereupon blasting Raven as well. Before the unlikely hero pulls Raven safely out of the warehouse, the F.B.I. arrives and claims the incapacitated vigilante as their own prisoner, furthermore, she prematurely transforms into her docile alter-ego (named Tanya) exactly when she's needed the most. As marauding gangs brutally attack, Terry believes his time is at an end and surprise kisses Tanya, which immediately irritates her so much that the personality of Raven returns to action, ergo, he's her frog prince. Terry finally convinces Raven to postpone her ruthless vendetta and fulfill her destiny as a righteous superhero.
Meanwhile, local gangs seize the Novichok and quickly deploy it onto the streets of New York, thereby killing scores of innocent people. Still hopeful of completing the sale, Darya steals back the biological weapon and temporarily escapes to the Brooklyn Army Terminal (an ancient WW2 processing plant) where a Russian cargo ship awaits. Terry and Raven track Darya to the warehouse terminal where their ultimate showdown to save the crippled city begins. Raven acutely transforms her own skin and bones into the very weapon she uses to skewer and finally vanquish Darya.
With the Novichok secured, Raven is unexpectedly trapped inside of a cargo container which is loaded onto a Russian ship and sent steaming out to sea. The epilogue reveals that VIKTOR, an Odessa boss with powers identical to Raven, intends to personally enslave her, thereupon implementing his aspiration for unequivocal world domination. Lastly, Terry is a secret stowaway on the vessel and whatever may lie ahead for Raven, he alone will be her only hope for ultimate survival.



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